Your Gisele Collection jewellery should be handled with care at all times.

To ensure that your jewellery sparkles for as long as possible, we recommend that you remove it before washing your hands, swimming, bathing, gardening, fitness and sporting activities, applying perfume or coming into contact with other chemicals.

When you are not wearing your jewellery store it away in a protective (lined) jewellery box that is air tight. This will ensure that your jewellery is not exposed to natural sunlight, heat and dust particles which may affect its colour and shine over time if it is left out when not in use. Do not store your jewellery in the bathroom.

Jewellery should be cleaned regularly. To clean your jewellery simply polish the metal using a silver polishing cloth. To clean the cubic zirconia stones you can wipe them down with a microfiber cloth (commonly used to clean sun glasses).

Sterling Silver will tarnish if exposed to agents such as perfume, sulphur in the air, skin creams, hairspray, chlorine, sea water, perspiration, acidic skin ph. and hot and humid weather conditions. The amount of tarnishing (oxidation) that occurs is dependent on the skin and how it is cared for by the customer.

It is important to follow the care instructions for your warranty to be valid.